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Subaru Trezia Interior Photos

The Japanese house Subaru has announced that during the first quarter of this year 2011 will begin shipping in Spain their new compact MPV model, the Subaru Trezia.

To begin open mouth, last week we had the first images from the outside, and today we bring you inside the car, few as the secrecy regarding the details of the car is great.

interior (2 images)

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Subaru Trezia First Look

Today we officially started the Subaru Club Trezia. Little by little we will be filling the web for news, videos, images and analysis that we find online and in turn we will create a great family environment to the forum. I hope you like it and you feel comfortable within the club!

Well, what better way to start than with pprimeras web pictures of this car, whose launch is expected in the first quarter of this year.

exterior (5 images)

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